Beito Corpse is from Monterrey N.L, Mexico.
He began to explore his musical interest during his childhod in a death grind metal band ArkariuZ, and partisipating
in the music of another band, named Shival-Vah, - both from his home town.
Entering the world of goa and psytance at the age of 14, beging to produce shortly after
the age of 17. Together with his friends Chisto, Cyntetik (shoes bros), Agonias (luis m.)
forming two projects - None so Vile with Frankie and I.D. (Implanted Demented) with Agonias.
His musical taste embraces from jazz, blues, and clasic music to death grind, progresive,
ambient, psy trance, etc, taking from these his influence to produce.

Beito (DeMeNtIa) meet Alex (M.M.C.) in spring of 2007 through MySpace,
inmediatly after making contact they realized, that they could produce music together
due to their similarity in musical taste.
In May of the same year they begin to produce their first track
named "Lost in the Aztec Dream" moving on with their own style and setting
the goal of finishing their album in Mexico.