Atarix aka Rebell Terract, the real name is Sergey Khaninev.
"Everything started in 1994. I was in videogames - i was a true fan of amiga. Demos, games, music. Yeah, music. This is it. Outstanding music from amiga games. Later i heard what i can write music by myself using amiga. But times changed, PC powers grew up. I sold my amiga and bought my first PC. I downloaded a poland music-tracker "Tetramed" and my life was radically changed. Later i discovered Fast Tracker 2 and music like ATR, Bomb20, Merzbow, Panacea etc. So, this is where i came from."
Now it is Atarix`s second coming on music and production stage. He is using standart desktop & laptop PCs, some handmade sound devices, midi Oxy8, lotsa software, acoustic guitars, field recordings, etc.